About Aakanksha

An enthusiastic individual who loves exploring new technology and who has the ability to come up with better solutions. She loves documenting stuff that she comes across and find interesting. You can check her blogs here, hoping that you will love reading them! 🚀

✨ She is an Open Source Enthusiast and a Web Developer, who secured 6th place among 2000 participants and was among Top-25 contributors at DCP’21 (an open-source program).
💥She has guided 100+ participants to start their open-source journey. Recently, she was chosen as a team lead for a team in Postman API Fest’22. She is also a Postman Student Expert. Currently, she is a mentor at GSSoC’22 (GirlScript Summer of Code).
🌱 She works closely with the local training and development centre (WebSyCode) to abridge the technological gap separating the current market trends with academics via means of webinars, in-person consultation and running local campaigns and meetups. She has contributed to numerous open-source projects and now mentoring various projects and teams.
✔️She believes in sharing, learning and growing together. Extremely motivated to constantly develop her skills and grow professionally. Also, she possesses great communication and leadership skills.
You can connect with her here :)